About me

So I'm Julien Acker. Currently 19 and studying Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen. I was born in South Africa, moved to Switzerland when I was 10 (where I'm still officially resident), and am a German citizen.

I like technology. I like knowing how systems work together. I always like to understand the world more. My hobbies are primarily reading (well, to be fair, mostly listening) to books and a Newspaper. I like consuming knowledge, through books and documentaries, from geopolitics to history, technology, science, engineering, and more.

I like to tinker. Especially with Linux. One of my summer projects was to install a custom Coreboot image and Arch Linux on my Chromebook which I installed on XFS, on LVM, on LUKS, on RAID0 (between the SD card and internal eMMC storage. LVM was for having some Swap space as I had been having difficulties with dynamic swap allocation. dd would freeze the system when generating a new swap file). On top of all of that, I was trying out Swaywm as my first taste away from the safety (and legacy) or Xorg (though I never managed to get Firefox VAAPI working). Sometime, in the future, I hope to tinker with that old machine some more and maybe get the TPM working for Secure boot (it's only a TPM 1.2 but there is a firmware update provided by the chip's OEM to turn it into a TPM 2 device). That aside, I hope to get my hands on a Turing Pi 2.

Operating System

I'm at the time of writing am using Manajro again (this time with the KDE desktop) after having issues with my Arch Linux install (I think it must be a kernel bug with the latest release and my PC. I tried fresh installing twice). Hopefully, sometime in the holidays, I'll find some time to try my hand at building LFS. My goal for the summer is to hopefully get into Google Summer of Code and get to work on some (hopefully) Linux-y programs.